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Resolutions can be made ANY day!

Avoiding the rut of New Year’s resolutions

Every year, I hear the same story from people…  “I really DO want to get this weight off [or get healthier], but life is just so crazy right now.  I’m definitely doing it for my New Year’s resolution.”  While that all sounds great, the reality is that some of these conversations take place as early as September.


You are going to wait 3-4 months to start to feel better, to get healthier, to figure out how to make your well-being a priority?  Seems like such a waste of time.  I say it’s never too late or too early to start taking better care of yourself.  No need to wait until the start of the New Year.   And how many times has that resolution gotten swept under the rug never to be heard from again until the next year.

Trust me, once it gets here, life will STILL be crazy, your schedule will STILL be packed, you will STILL have trouble finding time to fit in a workout or to prepare meals at home.  It’s the truth.  So, make it happen now.  Make the resolution to “resolve to get better”

WHENEVER you see an opportunity for improvement.  Get used to managing your time better so that you can work it ALL in.  YOU CAN DO IT!  And, with the release of P90X3 (30 minutes a day), and current programs like Focus T25 (25 minutes a day), getting fit is easier and takes less time than EVER!

Let’s get those goals set TODAY!  I am ready to work with you to help you reach YOUR goals, regardless of what time of year it is.

Here’s to your health!


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