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Turn your “to-do” into “TA-DA”!

I think one of the biggest struggles I have had being a business owner is figuring out how to be a great business owner AND a great mom.  I know that many women can relate, and, in fact, many men can relate as well.  Several years ago I decided that I was sick and tired of not being “present” with my family (sure, I was there physically, but not mentally).  When I was at work, my mind was on my kids, when I was with my kids, my mind was on work.  That phrase “Wherever you are, be there” clearly was not applying to my life.

Once I started working from home, I had an entirely new set of mental hurdles.  How can I work when I can see the sink full of dishes?  Should I take a break and fold some laundry?  What should I do first today?  What do I WANT to do today?  The list could go on and on.

Fortunately, I came across a book appropriately named “The Secrets of Happy Families” by Bruce Feiler.  Of course, a main theme in this book is to be present and make efficient use of your time, life balance, etc., etc., etc.  I would recommend taking the time to read it.  One thing in particular really stuck out to me and when I started incorporating it, I could see the benefits immediately.  This was the idea of putting together a progress board.  Essentially, you would have a board (I use those HUGE Post-It notes) and it has three columns.  These columns are titled TO BE DONE, IN PROGRESS, and COMPLETED.  You use smaller Post-It notes to write each task on and place everything in the “To Be Done” column.  Once you start on a task, it gets moved to the “In Progress” column.  And, naturally, when the task is complete, you move it to the “Completed” column.

Now, the REAL beauty in all of this is that you can use this with your children!  YES!  I really mean it!  It’s GLORIOUS!  They get the immediate gratification of moving the Post-It note and mine actually RACE to see who can complete the most!  This is perfect for a cleaning day!  Our notes say things like…

Clean bathroom sink

Clean bathtub

Sweep bathroom floor

Vacuum game room floor

Put clothes away

Clean bathroom mirror

Vacuum bedroom floor

This was our first attempt at using this method... Yes, I HAD to capture it on camera!

This was our first attempt at using this method… Yes, I HAD to capture it on camera!


I could hardly believe what happened the first time we used this method with the kids.  They were so laser-focused on their tasks and they could easily see if one of the “jobs” had already been taken.  It was a thing of beauty!

Can you imagine how many areas of your life this system can easily translate to?

I use this same method when I have several projects that I am working on at one time.  It is pure magic!


  1. I LOVE this idea!!!! I am beginning to see that You are truly “THE” Post-It Note Queen!! 🙂

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