A Journey in Faith to Healthier Living

21 Days of Faith Food & Fitness

Have you ever felt like something is missing in your journey to optimal health?  I know I did.  When Trey and I first started our fitness journey, people would ask us, “Why do you work out so much, it’s not like you are overweight?”  Um, well, that’s kinda the point now, isn’t it?  I mean, let’s be honest, we certainly COULD BE.  I am a mom, who runs a business, has 2 kids that I cart around to commitments, a family that I am responsible for feeding and clothing, organizations that I volunteer with, etc., etc., etc.  Busy like most people these days.  I have a husband with a job full of heavy responsibilities (which he loves), a full schedule of meetings regularly, leaving at 8am, home at 6pm, organizations he has volunteered with, board meetings, etc.  Every reason in the world to just “veg out” on the sofa at the end of the day.  BUT, we know that these bodies that we have are gifts from God.  And we are not going to abuse them.

Temple of the Holy Spirit

This scripture pretty much sets it up.  It sets the purpose of trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle.  It does not mean being bone thin or being ripped, or having bulging muscles from head to toe.  It means being healthy… body, mind and spirit.

So, a couple of years ago, I decided to start incorporating a faith component into some of my accountability groups.  My thought was that I wanted to, up front, say “Hey, we are gonna talk about God in here… about Jesus in here.  So don’t be surprised when it happens.”  I wanted to provide that missing link for so many people.  For them to be able to express their struggles and ask for prayers.  I wanted to share all of the scripture passages that have gotten me through times of anxiety, doubt, fear, etc.  It was a little scary at first when I put out an invitation because I wasn’t sure how it would be received.  Would people understand what I was trying to do?  Would they be open to it?  Would some people turn their backs on me? Honestly, I had no idea.  Fortunately, the response was wonderful and those who felt called to be in the group jumped in and made it an amazing experience, and that was the beginning of my Faith, Food & Fitness accountability groups.  From that point on, I decided to run the groups a couple times a year (usually one in the Spring and one in the Fall).  But, as I’ve been on my own journey to grow closer to God, I find myself wanting to share this experience more often with others.  So, now “30 Days of Faith, Food & Fitness” will be a regularly occurring accountability group that I am happy to offer to my clients (regardless of where they live).

I am not a Biblical/theological expert.  I went to Catholic school my entire life (up until college), but I griped most Sundays when my parents woke me up for church.  I made excuses oftentimes for not going when I was in high school.  I slept through many Sunday mornings when I got into college (though I think the times I went were more so that I could feel more like an “adult” than to really deepen my relationship with Christ).  Once Trey & I got married, church was optional on Sundays.  I mean, we were good people, we didn’t do bad things, we had this pretty much down.  Wrong.  I was fortunate enough to realize, with the help of great friends who openly shared their faith, openly prayed with and for me, openly expressed their love for God, that I was missing something.  So, I set out to search for it.  Trey and I started going to church regularly (our kids don’t even gripe anymore because they KNOW, if it’s Sunday, we will be heading to church) and talking more openly about our faith to each other.  We started praying together more consistently.  And an amazing change started to happen.  At the same time, I was exposing myself to personal development which helped me to identify areas that needed improvement in my life… my spirituality was one of those areas.

The amazing thing is this…  even through all of those times of not putting God where he needed to be in my life, He still loved me unconditionally.  He still called for me.  He still waited for me.  And, now, here I am.  More in love with Him than ever before.  But, just as with my fitness journey where consistency was the key… consistency was the key for my faith journey.  I had to consistently work on it, put in the time and the effort.  It’s not as if a light shown down from the heavens everyday reminding me that I needed to make time for God.  It was all on me… I had to remember to make time for God.

As a part of your 21-day group, you will…

  • Receive my 5-Day Food Fight JumpStart, including daily menus and shopping list.
  • Work out in the comfort of your home to a program that I will help you decide on.
  • Receive daily scripture, devotional and prayer.
  • Receive daily accountability opportunities.
  • Receive nutrition tips, fitness tips, motivation and daily support.
  • Gain access to a “secret” Facebook group (your activity on this page will not show up on your timeline, nor will anything indicating that you are a member of the group) where you will be able to interact with me and others going through this program at the same time.
  • Be able to participate in video chats that I will host throughout the 21 day program.

[Depending on the length of the fitness program we are using, groups may vary in length from 21 to 30 days.]

While these groups are intended for everyone, I know that not everyone feels comfortable in this type of an accountability group…  And, that’s ok. But, for those who are feeling like their life is all over the place, I’d like to help you find a place to grow some healthy “roots”… perhaps this Faith, Food & Fitness accountability experience will be that source for you.  I firmly believe that we can weather any storm… any challenge… when we have strong roots in our faith.


If this is something that you would like to be a part of, simply fill out the FAITH, FOOD & FITNESS ACCOUNTABILITY GROUP APPLICATION and I will be happy to talk with you more about it.

God bless!