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Healthy School Lunches for Happy, Healthy Kids

Wanting some tips for preparing lunches for your kids to take to school? Is it time to shake up those school lunches a bit?  Get out of the “hum-drum” of the standard turkey sandwich.  Making healthy, nutritious lunches for your kids is a breeze!  And, don’t feel like YOU have to do it all!  Let

5 Tips for Succeeding with your Beachbody Program

I’ve got my program, now what do I do??? You’ve got a box.  You’ve got DVDs.  You’ve got guides.  Now, what do you do???  I’ve got a few tips for you as you get ready to jump into your Beachbody program, regardless of which program you have chose, there are some simple (but very important)

School Garden Adventure

Of Course, Gators Have Green Thumbs! OUR SCHOOL GARDEN’S INAUGURAL YEAR Yesterday, I was able to see the culmination of the past 4 months of learning alongside of our elementary school’s garden club. This was a new adventure for the school and a dream of mine for the past couple of years. Fortunately, there came

Our 21 Day Fix Experience

Our 21 Day Fix Experience A Review of the 21 Day Fix Fitness & Nutrition Program I admit it.  I was skeptical. Let me first say this…  I was super excited for the introduction of this program because it was our first fitness program that had a “hands on” nutrition component to it.  All of

5 Things That Will Zap Your Willpower and Set You Up for Failure

Are you setting yourself up for failure? 5 things that will quickly sabotage your success and kill your “willpower”… As each year ends and a new one begins, the act of setting goals comes standard.  However, most people will not stick to the quest to achieve these goals.  They might stick with the “dream” of

Making Quality Family Time and Passing Down Traditions – Homemade Quilted Christmas Ornament

Making Homemade Christmas Ornaments AND MEMORIES TO LAST A LIFETIME This was handed down to me by my mom, Maurine Fisher, and I have great memories of us working on this at Christmas time when I was a child.  Now, I do this great craft with my own kids.  Sometimes we dress them up quite

Resolutions can be made any day…

Resolutions can be made ANY day! Avoiding the rut of New Year’s resolutions Every year, I hear the same story from people…  “I really DO want to get this weight off [or get healthier], but life is just so crazy right now.  I’m definitely doing it for my New Year’s resolution.”  While that all sounds

If it’s meant to be, it’s up to ME!

If it’s meant to be, it’s up to me. A lesson in focusing on the positive.    How many times have you heard people say, “That’s just my luck” or “Well, if it’s meant to be, I’ll get __________”.  I’ve caught myself saying that before in the past.  The whole “luck” comment is usually blurted

Mission Weight Loss: Houston, We Have A Problem

  By Heather Reichert, RD, CDE Registered Dietitian & Team Beachbody Coach   Do you remember the space flight of Apollo 13? If not first-hand, then certainly you have seen the movie. The climax of the movie (and the mission) is when one of the oxygen tanks blow, destroying much of the critical electrical system.

Weight Gain With Aging: What’s A Girl To Do?

  By Heather Reichert, RD, CDE Registered Dietitian & Team Beachbody Coach   Throughout my 12 years as a registered dietitian, I have counseled numerous clients regarding weight loss who came in saying, “All this weight came on after I hit 40 (or 50)”.  In fact, many women would even come in prior to having