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PiYo – Simplifying the Get Lean Nutrition Guide

No need to stress yourself out with trying to figure out the nutrition guide.  Focus on your workouts and use these guides to help you focus on your nutrition.  Are there other options?  Sure there are!  But, these meal plans will give you a great foundation to assist you in getting awesome results with PiYo!

Share YOUR favorite meal combos!  I’d love to hear from you!  And, if would like me to assist you in your journey as your personal free coach, just click here…  “HEATHER, coach me!”


PiYo Shopping ListPiYo Shopping List 1 – PRINTABLE

PiYo 1200-1399 CAL Meal PlanPIYO 1200-1399 CAL Meal Plan – PRINTABLE

PiYo 1400-1599 CAL Meal PlanPIYO 1400-1599 CAL Meal Plan – PRINTABLE

PiYo 1600-1799 CAL Meal PlanPIYO 1600-1799 CAL Meal Plan – PRINTABLE

PiYo 1800+ CAL Meal Plan PIYO 1800+ CAL Meal Plan – PRINTABLE


  1. Gerald on July 21, 2014 at 7:43 am said:

    Hi Heather (and Trey)!

    I’m Gerald from Qatar and I am happy to come across your page (and YT channel) last night while I was searching for PiYo review. I am on Week 2 of the program and I share the same initial reaction with you guys on my first week: I thought that this is quite easy. I am totally wrong. I am looking forward to Drench and Core. I am done with Insanity and T25 and I am aiming to have long lean definitions with this one. I’ve downloaded your templates. They’re very helpful. Keep inspiring more people guys! Cheers from the Middle East.

  2. kishore on May 19, 2015 at 5:22 pm said:

    please provide me a vegetaranian diet oplan for plan A to perform p90x3

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